Using Mobile Devices to Commit Crimes

As with any form of technology, mobile phones have changed greatly over the last decade and we cannot deny the huge impact these devices have on our lives. While some of these impacts have made [...]

Be Careful What You Post!

There is no denying that social media has become a way of life for people across the globe. Young or old, there’s something in it for everyone. It has given us a platform to stay in touch with [...]

Bring Back the Good Old Days with Veritas Digital Forensics

Recalling good times can be therapeutic. Those Sunday luncheons with the family, first dates or nights out, what a beautiful feeling! Technology makes it easy for us to capture those special [...]

Drones – clipping the wings on a growing threat

Drones are increasing in popularity by the day with them now becoming readily available at big markets. While the South African Civil Aviation Authority states that the use of RPA’s (remotely [...]

Count VDF in – The root of cyberbullying revealed

Count me in: Together moving a non-violent South Africa forward – 2017’s Theme for 16 Days of Activism   When we hear the word ‘cyberbullying’, we are inclined to link it to high school [...]

Corporate Espionage Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Business

  If you’re a business owner operating in the highly congested South African market, you’ll agree when we say your business is EVERYTHING. After pouring copious amounts of blood, sweat and [...]


The habits of consumers have progressed to incorporate a huge digital presence in today’s world, with many people fully dependent on mobile devices to complete daily tasks that involve messaging, [...]


5 Ways Digital Forensics Can Help You

Digital forensics encompasses the recovery, identification and validation of digital information in order to preserve digital evidence in its most original form.  Whether you suspect an employee [...]